Welcome to The Del Valle Archives.

An amazing, historic, one-of-a-kind collection of movie related photos and ephemera collected over an entire lifetime by well respected film historian and author, David Del Valle. Not only does this unique collection contain files on over 2000 important genre films, but also includes extensive bio files on some of cinema's most respected actors and technicians. With its high concentration on the Horror/Sci-fi genre, auteur directors, film noir, and queer cinema THE DEL VALLE ARCHIVES is a collection like no other in existence. Virtually, every major publisher of film books (including Taschen, Running Press, Bulfinch, Abrams), and a myriad of exclusive content DVD labels have utilized exceptional stills from this incomparable collection.


For the first time ever this collection is being opened up to both industry specialists and the public at large. If you are needing incredible images to showcase your book, magazine article, blog or special edition Blu-ray, or just someone that needs something super cool to hang in your apartment or home you have come to the right place. Due to the high percentage of films represented in the collection that are now considered both hip and historic the sheer amount of creative potential is endless.

How it Works

Simply click on the See the Film List button and scroll down the alphabetical list of Films, Television shows, and Bio Files until you find the material you are interested in. When you're ready, click on the Contact Us / Request Material link. Paste those titles into your email and we will send you digital proof sheets of all available images from each selected title. Each image on the proof sheet has a number located directly beneath it.  After picking out the images you want email me your list with details of your project or if it is for personal use.  Fees depend on usage but are far more reasonable than most agencies with 1000's of exclusives found nowhere else. After arrangements have been made you will be able to pay by PayPal or personal check/money order. When payments clear, high-resolution, non-watermarked images will be uploaded to Dropbox  for immediate download. The Del Valle Archive provides images only - not usage rights. Many of the images need no clearance but ones that do are the customer's responsibility.